Augmented is here but in reality, it is still in its early stages and still has a long way to go before its full potential gets unlocked. But there are plenty of augmented reality apps that will help people understand and enjoy the technological wonders of AR.

Apple started its journey to the augmented reality world in 2017 when it announced its ARKit along with the iOS 11. The launch began a gold rush for developers seeking to build augmented reality apps for the largest mobile platforms.

Apple Inc. wanted its users to believe that augmented reality is a transformative technology that has a better potential than virtual reality. And AR can indeed add wonder to the mundane.

AR has been providing developers and other users from the enterprise world with information at a glance that they could otherwise only guess at. And although the tech seems to cater to the business world rather than consumers, in some cases, it made the world more fun.

So, while you are still wondering where you could use AR in your life, we curated 5 AR apps from the App Store that best show what AR technology is currently capable of. Whether you want to learn something new about the world or find something entertaining to break the boredom, you’ll find an AR app or two that you can install in your iPhone or iPad.

1. “Stack AR

The popular iOS stacking just got an AR reboot through the “Stack AR.” Many people find it addictive. It also makes smart use of the strengths of ARKit like recognizing flat planes such as tables.

One notable thing about this AR app is how stable the object renderings are. A lot of the early ARKit apps suffered from issues with lighting that cause poor surface recognition but developers of the “Stack AR” seems to have pushed past that.

2. “AR Dragon

The old school Tamagotchi just got itself a 100% better version through the “AR Dragon.” Users get to raise a pet dragon who can live on surfaces near them. The dragon can even interact with your environment.

Players get to feed their dragons with donuts and play ball with it. The AR interface makes it look as though the dragon is standing on a real desk.

But the animation and smoothness of the renderings are the impressive part in this app.

3.”AR Runner

The “AR Runner” provides one of the smartest ways of “augmenting the reality.” This is done by the app by overlaying the world with portals and checkpoints to cross while jogging in races.

Users can place these portals on any open spaces in their neighborhood, which means they can race against someone using the app from another part of the world.

And when Apple finally releases its rumored AR glasses, it will make playing this app more exciting, viewing the race track hands-free and jogging more comfortably.

But enough with the games and lets hop on to the world of shopping.

4. IKEA Place

This app is less entertaining, most especially to the youths, but it could be pretty useful to the shopping adults.

The IKEA Place all is about moving furniture that can be shopped from the physical store IKEA. This gives users a better idea of whether a chair or a table looks good by the fireplace or not. But this app one of the best ways to show how AR can save consumers from a lot of potentially costly guesswork.

Use the IKEA Place to move furniture around your house and see if it works for you before placing an order.

5. Holographic Communication by Mimesys

Like the app catchphrase says, “The best meetings are Holographic.” The technology that the developer has put together could be game-changing; making collaborative workspaces for remote workers a boon to many industries.

Although originally a VR remote collaboration company, Mimesys experimented with AR, envisioning mobile AR as a portal into remote virtual environments that allows quick spatial collaboration without putting on a VR headset.

The company says that using the mobile phone or iPad in this way offers a unique experience compared to videochatting and screen sharing, saying:

“Even if the point of view of the iOS device running ARkit is limited, the ability to visualize the other person gives a feeling of presence and a different impression than a regular skype session since the person is firmly positioned in the world.”

VR collaboration and visualization can be massively powerful, but it’s generally only accessible if you’re near a VR ready computer and headset. Mimesys indeed made a smart solution to this and the best part could be that it works even when users are on the go. Now, highly important meetings won’t be missed as you can bring the meeting wherever you are.

There are more AR apps that consumers can try to really appreciate the Apple ARKit and the augmented reality technology.


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