Sneaker app GOAT has launched an augmented reality feature for its prospective buyers and 12 million users to experience yet-to-release sneakers in real life HD AR.

Similar user experiences have been developed before, such as Adidas’ Snapchat try-on feature for the UltraBOOST ‘19. However, this is the first time that customers will be able to interact with unreleased sneakers in 3D as a result of Apple‘s advanced ARKit technology, which was used to develop the new feature.

The first sneakers to debut on GOAT’s AR platform are the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Mocha.’ They can be seen on GOAT today, ahead of their May 11th release. To access the AR feature, iOS users will have to update their GOAT app through the homepage. Android users can view the sneakers in AR directly through the shoe’s product page.

GOAT is one of the largest operators in the massive secondary sneaker market. In February, Footlocker invested $100 million in the company, and last fall GOAT signed its first pro athlete, NBA player Kyle Kuzma. According to the company, it has 12 million users and 150,000 sellers. This is slated to be the first of many AR sneaker previews.

Other AR Shoe Shopping Apps Launched This Year

Retail and shopping is slowly being dominated by augmented reality apps and shoe brands are the first ones to take advantage of the technology. If you try to

Nike Fit App

Just last week, Nike released another AR app that lets a smartphone camera determine the exact shoe size you should buy.

Nike is updating its app with a new augmented reality tool that will measure your feet so that it can sell you sneakers that actually fit.

While this may seem like a frivolous use of AR technology, the idea is sound. Buying shoes online is difficult, mainly because you can’t try them on to see if they actually fit. Plus, brands lie about sizes, so you can never really be sure. For example, you may be a size 12 in one brand but a size 11 in another brand.

Nike shoes, in particular, famously run small in most styles, making them extra hard to buy, even if you do happen to have a Brannock device handy to know your foot’s measurements down to the millimeter.

With this new AR feature, Nike says it can measure each foot individually — the size, shape, and volume — with accuracy within 2 millimeters and then suggest the specific size of Nike shoe for the style that you’re looking at. It does this by matching your measurements to the internal volume already known for each of its shoes, and the purchase data of people with similar-sized feet.

AR Shoe App

AR Shoe App is a shopping helper app for iOS that allow users to try out Greyder shoes on their own feet at home while shopping online. You don’t actually try out the real physical shoe, but a 3D model of the real shoe.

When you start the app, it will scan the floor. Then users can scale and rotate the foot image so it fits their own leg. Then you can place a virtual shoe on your real foot and see how it looks. You can do it alone or it might be better to ask someone to do it for you. There is a built-in camera app that allows users to take a picture of the person wearing the shoe, so they can show it to them so they can see if it look good on them.

But keep in mind that when the shoe is placed, it won’t move when you move your leg.

AR Shoe App can vastly be enhanced using Computer Vision image recognition algorithm that can detect the entire leg of the person, track its movement and shape and then apply masking and anchor the shoe to the foot, so when users move their leg, the shoes will move with it. The reason masking is needed because it will produce better visual results. Imagine trying on some sandals with some straps.

Because in AR the virtual content appears on top of the camera video stream, the base of the shoe will appear on top of the foot. The end result should match the shoe to the foot perfectly without even having a need to resize or rotate the shoe. The computer vision algorithm will do that automatically, and this will lead to a better user experience.


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